Uppdatering Brexit


Datum för Brexit rycker allt närmare och mycket är fortfarande oklart. På medlemssidorna, i Dokumentbanken, finns en Brexit Guidance som listar viktiga punkter företag med tjänsteresande i Europa bör ha koll på.

Här kommer ett utdrag ur den senaste informationen vi fått från vår byrå i Bryssel;

No deal preparations

Following recent exchanges with EU officials, you will find below a bit more clarity on what the no-deal contingency plans for aviation entail in terms of restriction of air traffic for certain UK airlines. From our understanding, some UK carriers will no longer be able to operate intra-EU flights unless they prove they have moved their home base to another Member State and received a valid operating license from that Member State. There is a distinction to be made between EU carriers majorly owned by UK shareholders and actual UK carriers.

  • EU carriers (meaning those holding a valid European operating license in an EU Member States today), but who are majorly owned by UK shareholders – such as Iberia è For these airlines, the contingency plans provide them with an additional six months to comply with EU shareholder rules so they can continue to operate flights within the EU without any issues (i.e. Paris to Madrid) in case of a no-deal.
  • UK carriers (meaning holding a UK operating license) – such as British Airlines è For these airlines however, as of 29 March in case of a no-deal they will only be able to operate passenger flights to and from the UK to one Member State only and no longer be able to operate intra-EU flights or even international flights (as they will no longer be considered as an “EU carrier” and no longer benefit from EU open skies agreement, unless the UK concluded its own agreements with third countries).

The European Commission published an additional notice (Click here to read the document) on travel to the EU and UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit, which confirms some of the information we highlighted in the past but also includes a bit more detail on other issues travelers will face in a no-deal scenario.

This advice confirms:

  • UK nationals will be able to travel visa-free for trips to the EU of up to 90 days in a 180-day period, provided the UK allows EU citizens to do the same.
  • To enter the EU, UK nationals will need a passport issued within 10 years preceding the date of travel which also remains valid for three months after the planned trip is over.
  • UK nationals planning on driving in the EU need to check the rules in the Member State they are travelling to as what international driving permit is required.
  • Healthcare access using the European Health Insurance Card for both UK citizens in the EU and EU citizens in the UK will no longer be available.

This advice however also highlights:

  • UK nationals travelling to the EU will still face extra border checks, border guards may ask travelers for additional information (i.e. the duration and purpose of their trip, means of subsistence)
  • The EU will impose customs checks on those entering the bloc from the UK and UK travelers will not be allowed to carry some goods across the border including meat, cheese, milk, plants, plant products and some animals, as well as cash exceeding 10,00€.

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