Kommande GBTA webinar


På GBTA Hub kan du som medlem hitta webinar och online workshops. Här är några kommande webinarier och online workshops.


Online Workshop – 30 oktober, 1PM EST / 10AM PT / 12PM CT
Tips For Proving The Value Of Your Events.

We all know that feeling of sheer panic that happens when our boss (or bosses’ boss) asks for an update on the return we got from our last event. It’s not that your event didn’t succeed, but putting success into terms an executive understands can be a challenge. Build Your ROI Emergency Kit: 5 Tips for Proving the Value of Your Events.
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Online Workshop – 15 november, 11AM EST / 8AM PT / 10AM CT
Women’s Issues: The Facts About Workplace Challenges For Meeting Planners & Suppliers

How prevalent is sexual harassment in our industry? Are women paid the same as their male counterparts in the same position? Do working mothers feel they have the flexibility they need to raise their children?
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