Pushing the Digital frontier in Europe


A full digital transformation is needed to unlock efficiency and maximum sustainability gains.
In Europe we push for a transformative wave of digitalization.

What does it mean:
With all our digital services, we make services and products easier and more accessible for all users.

We need to look beyond the traditional consumer habits and see how digitalization can enhance our choice, and guide us to build a better, smarter world.
With Digitalization the combination of services is unlocked; we are no longer tied to any boundaries…

But we have a responsibility:
An example, we use the digitalisation opportunity to guide our buyers and consumers to make better choices by clear directives, awareness, and hard facts.

Digitalization is not only technological; at BT4Europe we want to be part of reshaping
the infrastructure of how we approach business travel, multimodal travel options, sustainability, consumer rights and the ability to move seamlessly across Europe for work. Digitalization is affecting our everyday lives much more than we might know.

When we wake up our phone is already a step ahead, if we have meetings, travels, or activities.
Our calendars, apps, and notifications are making us aware. If it’s time to check in to the flight, there is a disruption or delay. We will be advised on how to structure the day. As Google now tells me there is more traffic than normal, I need to get going.

During my day, I manage more than 30 different tasks using my smartphone. Shopping, banking, visa applications, directions, communication.

From a business travellers’ perspective, booking accommodations, and transportation. Making all the right choices powered by a corporate profile, is at your digital hand.

Check-in, check-out and receiving keys to the hotel room are now fully digital. Managing your profile, integrity and updates is now in the individual hands. Left your phone, or laptop somewhere, you are guided by GPS to retrieve it.

Feeling insecure, travelling to a country where there are safety risks, your company have the latest tracker, communication tool and SOS support at the press of a digital button. Connecting on video meetings and communicating over the entire globe.

The Travel manager needs to embrace digitalization and provide a solid strategy for implementing systems, tools, and functions to build a dynamic travel and meetings program.

  • Booking, changes and cancellations of services
  • Making a selection of services matching the sustainability goals
  • Multimodal transportation search and policy
  • Co2 reporting and follow-up, reducing and compensating emissions.
  • Payments and admin incl. T&E reporting
  • Profile Security and Integrity of Travellers
  • Communication, collaboration (
  • Implement AI strategically and ethically to support and develop areas of the program through information, automation, and communication.
  • Spend Reporting
  • Risk Management and Safety tools for SOS, GPS, Location, Insurance
  • Cross Border formalities for EU travellers

The technology is today, by far more advanced than we can digest it, but one thing is real, there will be more advanced and intelligent software and systems in the near future.

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