SBTA Global Network

SBTA Global Network (SGN) consists of some of the largest corporations in Sweden.

The objective of SGN is:

To create a dialogue between SGN and representatives of the industry ahead of extensive structural changes concerning the range of products and services, giving the corporations the opportunity to influence at an early stage.

This objective is met by:

  • utilizing the corporations competences in the TMM-sector.
  • utilizing the corporations potential to influence.
  • inviting the industrys stake holders to facilitate dialogue.

Requirements for participation:

  • The corporation/organization must be a Direct Member of SBTA.
  • The corporation/organization must operate on the global market.
  • The corporation/organization should have an annual buying volume exceeding 100 million kr SEK in products and services related to business travel.
  • The corporation/organization has a designated employee/employees responsible for the businesstravelprocess and the possibility to engage in the work of SGN.

Download Fact Sheet SGN (swedish)

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