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What is SBTA?

The independent network SBTA joins buyers and suppliers in the meetings- and business travel industry for dialogue and information exchange.  SBTA creates value for it’s members through educations and trainings and other member activities – both regionally, nationally and internationally.
A membership in SBTA gives you the opportunity to influence and play an active part of the industry’s future.

The association has sister-associations in the other Nordic countries, as well as in Europe and the rest of the world. SBTA takes an active part in the international cooperation through GBTA. As a member in SBTA you are awarded free membership in GBTA.

Benefits with a membership of SBTA

”Being part of SBTA means great networking opportunities as well as another way to stay up to date with impending issues and industry news.”
– Anders Wahlström, Head of Sales Sweden & Finland, SAS

“The value, a distinct network for everyone in the industry, both customers and suppliers. An opportunity to pursue and develop the value of the TM role and also a way for suppliers to in a simple way meet “the other side” and to understand how we can develop ourselves together.”
Claes Lanner, Director of Sales, Scandic Hotels

“Membership in SBTA gives us a wide network of contacts in the business travel industry and a neutral forum for discussion of key issues and trends in the market.”
Ulla Persson, Sales Director & Associate Director, Amadeus

”Networking is the most important thing for me.”
– Gunilla Brunemalm, Travel manager, H&M

Who is a member of SBTA?

The main part of our members are companies and organizations from both the private and the public sector, who act as buyers of travel- and meetings services. We call these Direct members.

Suppliers of travel- and meetings services are Associate members of SBTA – for example airlines, train operators, travel agencies, hotel, car rental companies, consultants in travel- and meetings management, payment solutions etc.

SBTA – Your network within Travel & Meetings Management

SBTA builds your network – locally, nationally and internationally!

SBTA organizes conferences, educations, trainings and gives you advice and assistance – You get inspired and aquire knowledge which helps you grow in your professional role!

SBTA works for you – through advocacy – and helps build a level playing field!

SBTA offers you a neutral discussion forum – where you can work together with industry colleagues to build a better and more efficient travel- and meetings industry!

SBTA provides information on trends and developments!

SBTA is a source of information – our database provides advice, resources and documents that will help you in your work.

GBTA – Global Business Travel Association

GBTA is the world’s premier business travel and meetings organization, with operation on six continents. GBTA’s 7.000-plus members manage more than 345 billion USD of global business travel and meetings expenditures annually. GBTA and the GBTA Foundation deliver world-class education, events, research, advocacy and media to a growing global network of more than 28.000 travel professionals and 125.000 active contacts.

Travel management is a specialized business function that balances employee needs with corporate goals, financial and otherwise. Travel management ensures cost tracking and control, facilitates adherence to corporate travel policies, realizes savings through negotiated discounts, and serves as a valuable information center for employees and managers in times when travel is not as smooth and carefree as it used to be.

SBTA - Swedish Business Travel Association

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