US Department of Transportation issues action on IATA NDC


On May 21, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) tentatively approved a proposal for a data transmission standard that was submitted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

GBTA Executive Director and COO Michael W. McCormick issued the following statement:

“GBTA respects the decision of the Department of Transportation and believes the DOT announcement recognizes the complex relationship between the need for modern standards versus the need for consumer protection. Corporations spent more than 1.12 trillion USD on business travel last year. Although the focus on this ruling is on the impact on multiple industry stakeholders, it is the requirements of the corporation who ultimately pays the bill that must be met.”

“GBTA recognizes the value of a modern standard to enhance information presented to the end user, but it is the use of the standard in the airline business models that concerns us. While GBTA further analyzes the DOT ruling and decides on further actions, we will be developing a voluntary code of conduct to the airline community to continue to work toward a cooperative industry solution.”

“Airlines that wish to continue to build on long-established relationships with the business travel community must consider the content of the voluntary code of conduct to ensure whichever businessmodel they choose also supports the managed travel principles of data capture, transparency in pricing and access to content through chosen channels, as well as a corporation’s responsibility for care for their travelers.”

“GBTA will continue to work closely with the DOT, IATA and all industry stakeholders to continue to shape the outcome of this cirtical debate.”

SBTA works together with all other European business travel associations, through GBTA, with this matter. For more information, please contact Lotten Fowler on email lotten.fowler (@)

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