Report on Global Hotel programmes


GBTA published a report on Global hotel programmes during the spring of 2014, which is good and useful. SBTA Direct members (buyers) can download this from the GBTA Hub.

The focus of this study was to find out what differences exist between Travel Managers in North America and Europe by identifying how Global Hotel Programs work in each of these regions as well as any differences that might be present based on a company’s travel spend. The study set out to learn the structure of these types of programs within global organizations, how these are managed and what processes are in place.
A few of the objectives of the study were to discover:
- What a global hotel program looks like
- How a global hotel program is organized and managed
- Which methods or tools are used, and who is involved, in a range of activities including negotiating preferred hotel agreements, paying for hotel accommodations, and making hotel bookings.
- What are the most important factors travel managers consider when selecting chains for their global hotel program.

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