Comment to the turbulence in GBTA


GBTA’s European partner associations are aware of the investigation currently taking place in the US following the allegations made in the trade press. Any reports of misogyny, sexism, racism or bullying are a major concern to our members. The language used in an email from the GBTA CEO to staff was alarming, and we are understandably worried about other claims made about the conduct of the association’s leadership. We will await the outcome of the investigation before making any further comment. Rest assured, we are in dialogue with the GBTA Board and will keep our members informed of any relevant developments.

Anne Mette Berg – General Manager, Danish Business Travel Association (DBTA)
Sari Viljamaa – Managing Director, Finnish Business Travel Association (FBTA)
Scott Davies – CEO,  Institute of Travel Management (ITM)
Odete Pimenta da Silva – Managing Director, Netherlands Association for Travel Management (NATM)
Jan Henrik Ulvatne, General Manager, Norwegian Business Travel Association (NBTA)
Lotten Fowler – General Manager, Swedish Business Travel Association (SBTA)
Hans-Ingo Biehl – Executive Director, Verband Deutsches Reisemanagement e.V. (VDR)

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