SBTA:s eLearning program Travel and Meetings Management

SBTA has created its own e-learning program on Travel Management. This is available only in Swedish. For more information about the program contact SBTA:s office, info(@)sbta.se

The following e-learning courses are created and sold by Ezector Solutions, a partner of SBTA. SBTA does not stand responsible for the content. 

Travel Security Awareness

Many companies are expanding their business outside their home market and as a result, traveling becomes a necessity.This means that you as a traveler need to reduce your vulnerability by taking some precautionary measures in order to ensure that you are safe when you travel.

Our Travel Security Awareness course includes general advice that will help you prepare for your trip. It also provides you with information about how to act quickly, should an incident happen while you are traveling abroad. The price is SEK 600,-.

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Female Traveler

In this course, you will get an idea of the risks that might be greater in certain areas of the world, if you are a female traveler.

The course touches upon the risk assessments you should make, your packing and the dress code in the country you visit, and more importantly what you should avoid doing, in order to keep safe.

The course also contains a few dilemmas. The price is SEK 450,-.

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Cultural Intelligence

If you are used to traveling abroad you have met other cultures and people, and you have most likely wondered at some point about the differences between other cultures and your own.

This course is based on research and LIVING INSTITUTE’s extensive business experience. It gives you an insight to why we behave in different ways all depending on the country/area we come from. The course is interactive and contains videos and exercises. The price is SEK 875,-.

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Please contact Anja Mihoubi on am@ezector.com to get access to the courses.

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