Webinar - Is your company compliant with Duty of Care?

Location: Webinar
Date: 2018-05-15 10:00
End date: 2018-05-15 11:00
Organization: SBTA and Falck Global Assistance

The number of business travelers representing their companies abroad is over 150 million. Globalization creates new business opportunities. It also poses new health and safety challenges
when natural disasters, traffic incidents, political unrest, terror attacks and epidemics occur. If an employee is injured or threatened while abroad, the employer is responsible and can potentially face crucial consequences, both legally and financially, but also morally in terms of company brand.

46% of employees work for firms with no clear travel or security policies in place and 22% have no idea who to alert in the event of an emergency?

Do you think business travel has become more unsafe or has there been a surge in legislation related to duty of care?
How should a company start to look at travel risk management and how should you communicate with travellers in the event of an incident?
During the webinar our specialists will touch some of the questions that you should consider when sending your employees overseas.

In 2012, aid worker Steve Dennis won a case against the Norwegian Refugee Council, after he was kidnapped on the job. The NRC was found liable for physical and psychological injuries and Steve Dennis was awarded a total compensation of £350,000 for gross negligence.

Join Falck Global Assistance and SBTA’s webinar and gain insight as well as practical advice, with the possibility to consult the experts on how your company should respond to its obligations.

The webinar is free of charge and only open to SBTA members. Register here. It will be held in English.



Christina Bengtsson
Head of Global Sales
Ann-Sofie Henningsen
Security Specialist
Rezwan Ali
Head of Security

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