SBTA Showcase on TMC

Location: The Winery Hotel, Stockholm
Date: 2019-06-05 09:00
End date: 2019-06-05 15:00
Organization: SBTA

Welcome to participate in the SBTA Showcase on TMC

The Showcase this fall, on Online Booking Tools, was a big success. We will now run another one, on TMC’s.  Showcase is only open to buyer members of SBTA. This is how it works; 

We have invited business travel agencies who are members of SBTA (8 in total).  They will each have 30 minutes to introduce their product (20 min presentation + 10 min Q&A). Each supplier is alone in the room with the buyers when presenting.

After the supplier leaves the room, the attending group will have an additional 10 minutes to discuss what they’ve just heard.

We will break for coffee and lunch, which is included. Most suppliers will present in Swedish, unless we have several English speaking buyers in the room.

Day:                    Wedn 5 June
Time:                  09.00 – cirka 15.00                    Registration from 8.30, start at 9.00
Place:                 The Winery Hotel, Stockholm

Showcase is free of charge for SBTA buyer members. We will charge a No-show fee of  400 Krona excl VAT.
A link to registration will be up shortly.

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