Presentations on and visit to Bromma Airport

Location: Bromma Airport
Date: 2014-09-09
Organization: SBTA, Malmö Aviation, Brussels Airlines and Sverigeflyg

SBTA and partners are pleased to invite you to an exhiting studyvisit, combined with interesting presentations at Bromma!

The theme is “Bromma airports future”. The airport is once again a hot topic in the media and in current political debates. Come meet the key people at the airport and hear about the future plans. The object of this meeting is to get correct information on the new terminal, the new airplanes and communications to and from the airport.

You will also have a unique opportunity to see the airport “behind the scenes”. Remember therefore not to bring liquids, knives etc. Pack your briefcase of handbag as if you were going on a flight:) All participants will be served lunch on board two typical airplanes serving Bromma. Swedavia will host all car-borne visiters for free and Malmö Aviation offers a heavily rebated airtransportation for those flying to and from Umeå, Gothenburg, Malmö and

We are expecting quite a crowd, so we have divided the day in two; either you come for the morning session (9 am – 12.45) or afternoon session (11.30-16.00)

Date: 9 September
Morning 9.00-12.45
Afternoon 11.30-16.00
You can chose either morning or afternoon.
First come, first serve.
Place: Bromma Airport

The visit and lunch is free of charge for SBTA members.

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Welcome from SBTA and the co-arrangers Malmö Aviation, Brussels Airlines and Sverigeflyg.


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