SBTA Mentorprogramme

Mentor to whom??

Direct (buyer) member with Premium membership or Suppliers.

Who can be a mentor?
The mentor should be appropriately chosen based on the needs and experiences of the new member.
Primarily members of the SBTA board, or other members (e.g. SGN, SOS..)
The GM of SBTA handles the allocation of mentors in consultation with the board.

Role of a mentor
Support and guide the member by sharing experience and knowledge.
Coach and offer feedback.
Sharing network.

Role of a novice
Contact mentor to schedule a meeting or a conversation.

Mentor and new member preferably matched regarding:

  • Function; private corporation/public corporation, Full time TM/Part time TM etc.
  • Geography; east, west, south

Time restraint?
Number of meerings or timespan, important to clarify  time limits. 6-12 months suggested.

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