Membership Fee

The annual fee consists of a 300 SEK membership fee and a service fee (subject to VAT).
The annual fee is linked to the Corporation/Organization signing the membership, in other words it is not personal and can be transferred as well as shared.
The fee is charged per calendar year and a notice of termination must be made before year end.

Direct/Buyer Membership

Membership fees for Direct/Buyer Members 2023

The fee is 5700 SEK excl VAT (service fee) + 300 SEK incl VAT (membership fee)

Associate/Allied Members (suppliers)

Membership fee for Associate/Allied Members (suppliers) 2023

Annual fee divided into:

  • membership fee 300 SEK
  • service fee based on number of employees of the company/concern as below:
 1 – 3 employees 5 900 SEK Only applicable to companys with head office in Sweden
 1 – 25 employees 10 800 SEK 
 26 – 200 employees 13 300 SEK 
 > 200 employees 15 300 SEK 

Service fee subject to VAT.

Click here to get Associate/Allied membership fees information in PDF format.

Extra address

Suppliers only: A service fee of 1 200 SEK (subject to VAT) per annum and address registers an additional coworker of the member company as recipient of information from SBTA and its regional groups and networks. It will also provide an additional log-in for SBTA:s member pages.

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