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In 2011, SBTA and other buyer-led associations founded GBTA Europe – the european branch of GBTA. GBTA is the acronym of the Global Business Travel Association.

The membership in GBTA is in included in the SBTA membership for SBTA Direct members (buyers).


As a member of GBTA, SBTA participates in several international work groups.

  • Advocacy. Pursuing our objectives toward legislators and industry representatives in cooperation with other associations in Europe.
  • Aviation Committee.
  • Project ICARUS, the global sustainability initiative of GBTA.
  • Global Benchmark Group

Click on the link under to activate your membership at GBTA
Activate membership at GBTA

SBTA is also working closely with the other nordic associations. Every year the Nordic Business Meeting is held, inviting all nordic members. The meeting is arranged by each nordic association in turn and held in english.

SBTA policy stipulates that a Direct member of another nordic association can participate in SBTA:s activities, paying the same fee as a SBTA-member.

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